A dog, a great addition to the family and home!

Owning a home is part of the “American Dream.” And for many, so too is owning a furry companion or two. Before bringing your new friend home, tackle these logistics to make the transition easier.

A few essentials you will need before your new pet arrives include food bowls, treats, toys, and any other items they may need. It’s also a great idea to put a bed in every room so they will learn to stay off your furniture.

Check with the shelter or breeder you are getting your new family member from to see what kind of food they have been eating to have an easier transition. You can always switch around their diet later on.

House-training a dog can take a minute and we definitely don’t want you to lose your treasured Persian rug in the process. Roll up and store decorative rugs until you’re totally sure Fido is not going to leave a stain.

Vertical blinds and long cords can be hazardous to your animal, so make sure they are under wraps. Taping down electrical wires and putting chemicals on high shelves or away in cabinets is a good way to keep your little bud safe.

Did you know quite a few plants are actually poisonous if eaten by animals? Do a little research and then compost any that might be dangerous for your new housemate. Crates and fences are great ways to train your animals to stay out of trouble when they are home alone. While you might not mind your new pet going anywhere in your home, crates are still a great idea for transport purposes.

Now that you got things under wraps, welcome your new family member into your home!