In this day and age, our smartphones have become just another limb, permanently fixed to our bodies. So, the idea of keeping phones out of the bedroom seems like such a foreign concept. However, here are 5 reasons you should give it a try! Minimize temptation. Even if you think you have strong self-control, with … Read More


According to a recent survey conducted by, here are five things that consistently make people happy with their homes.  1. Big windows and comfortable furniture: Nearly 75 percent of respondents listed these two items as major difference-makers. It’s a no-brainer—people like lots of light and a good place to relax.  2. A big-screen TV: … Read More

Lawn Care Tips for Each Season

By: Douglas Trattner Lawn care basics for a barefoot-worthy yard. Ahhhh, that sensation of stepping onto a freshly-mowed lawn sans footwear. There’s nothing like it. Especially when you realize that a lawn you love is also one that’ll pay you back when you sell.  A well-maintained lawn almost always returns 100% or more of your investment. Here are … Read More

MAKE IT EASIER TO ORGANIZE YOUR HOME: It’s easy to let clutter pile up in your home, and sometimes it seems like there’s not quite enough space to store everything. However, with some clever repurposing or reorganization, you can take control of your clutter and create a more efficient living space. Here are some tips to get you started on better organizing your home. Start stacking: If your coffee table or desk seems like mess, stack your magazines and books. Then, place flowers or candles on top of the stack. You’ve suddenly reorganized and created an attractive tabletop display. Bring in some baskets: A shelving unit with room for small baskets is great for organizing similar items and reducing clutter. Label your baskets (try chalk!) and it’ll be easy to find specific things when you need them. Tap into trays: All those items that have overtaken your bathroom counter? Find a shallow tray, and then use it to contain your bottles, lotions, and other bathroom products.


Rental properties are one of the best ways to earn passive income and build wealth, but “passive” is a little misleading—it can still be a substantial amount of work. However, with a little planning and dedication, you can run your properties efficiently while also keeping your tenants happy. Treat it like a businessSuccessful businesses have … Read More


Downsizing your home is not just for empty-nesters. There are numerous reasons and situations where this path could be the right one for you and your family! Minimizing Owning a large home and property comes with a large responsibility like multiple rooms and floors a large yard, and maybe features like a deck or pool. … Read More

Partners Mentoring Youth

This is a great non-profit with a vision to enrich lives and build community as leaders in youth mentoring. I have been volunteering with this organization since 2008. You may donate $ or become a volunteer. Here is their mission, straight from their website: We are dedicated to Northern Colorado youth who are facing significant … Read More

Your Guide to the Home Appraisal

You’ve found your dream home and now it’s time to cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s before it’s all your own. And one of the first items on your closing checklist the home appraisal. So, what exactly is that? The home appraisal is essentially a value assessment of the home and property. … Read More

OPEN HOUSE 2/22/2020

2562 Trio Falls Dr, Loveland, 80538 2bed 2 bath 2 car garage. Luxury updates everywhere in this low-maintenance ranch! Situated on a premium corner lot, this home features energy efficiency, hardwood flooring, gas range, granite in kitchen, ceiling high cabinets, pantry, granite in both bathrooms, double master sinks, walk-in closets, and a crawlspace for extra … Read More