Looking for a local photographer?

Give Vanessa Houk Photography a try!

I attended a broker open house where Vanessa was taking free headshots for those agents who attended. I was super pleased with my photo and how great her demeanor was. Plus, she actually gave me rights to that headshot…no logo pasted all over like I have experienced in the past. I then decided to use her for my step-daughter’s senior pics. I looked at her website and was happy with the other senior pics I saw. I looked at a few other sites and didn’t like how they made the kids look much older than in high school or some were actually distasteful. We also got a few family pics taken and everything was great! I couldn’t be happier with those photos. My step-daughter is gorgeous and photogenic, but Vanessa was so professional and comfortable to be around. I ordered a few prints from her website and they are fantastic quality. She has also started a real estate portfolio, so she can pretty much do it all. Please keep her in mind for yourself, work, or personal needs! Here is her website and here are a couple pics from that shoot.